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As a fat woman who wears size 26/28 and sometimes 30/32, it’s disappointing when clothes are promised to be for “all women” but the size charts belie that promise. It’s a topic I’ve written on several times before when Old Navy, Kelly Osbourne and Melissa McCarthy launched collections that did not fit all bodies. I’m… Continue reading #AllMeansALL!!!


McCarthy’s Contradiction

Actress Melissa McCarthy has been in the news lately with her clothing line, Melissa McCarthy Seven7, which debuted August 13th on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) Channel and promised to be “for every woman of every size and shape”. Other designers have come out with similar promises before and fallen short and I’ve written about a… Continue reading McCarthy’s Contradiction


Why Isn’t Gabourey Sidibe the Face of Body Positivity?

Recently Madame Noire Magazine asked the question WHY IS MELISSA MCCARTHY THE FACE OF BODY POSITIVITY AND NOT GABOUREY SIDIBE? It’s a fair question and I’m going to hazard my own guess. Melissa’s good fatty to Gabourey’s unapologetic fatty makes for better Hollywood stories. Society and the media love fat people as long as they’re… Continue reading Why Isn’t Gabourey Sidibe the Face of Body Positivity?