Super Fun Night… when does the fun start?


Warning:  spoilers ahead

My fiance rolls his eyes and retreats to his man cave on Wednesday nights at 9:30pm Eastern but I haven’t given up yet on “Super Fun Night”. Although it’s still more cringe inducing than funny, I will admit to laughing out loud when Kimmie bonked a guy in the head during a dance while pretending to be Russian super-model. And the “Monster Mash” bit was cute.  If you watch nothing else from the show, catch it on YouTube. Rebel is adorable as the Bride of Frankenstein.

Apart from that, the self-deprecating fat jokes don’t let up.  For example, within the first two minutes of the third episode, “Chick or Treat”, Kimmie explains that the pizza place called back to verify her order because of the size of it, after which she struggles, then falls, in a form-fitting mermaid costume and a flashback shows young Kimmie emptying an entire bowl of candy that’s meant for trick-or-treaters.  Cue theme music… “Don’t Stop Me Now!”

In the meantime, Kendall zeroed in on Richard and got what she wanted before Kimmie confessed her feelings (too little, too late) then played it off like it was a Halloween prank.  Now women everywhere are crying out “The SKINNY chick got the man!  No surprise!”

Yes, Kendall is thin (and I, like Kimmie, am fat) but this was all about the CONFIDENT chick getting the man.  Richard was interested in Kimmie from the first episode… he likes women “with a bit of chunk”, goes to the piano bar to support Kimmie overcoming her fear of singing in public, suggests that they go to the company Halloween party in a couple’s costume and tells Kimmie how a “skin tight black dress juxtaposed against alabaster cleavage” turns him on after pulling her over to the sexy vampire costume section.  How much more obvious can he be?

Although the feeling was definitely mutual, Kimmie’s self-deprecation was her romantic downfall.  How many times can a man get blown off (“Well, I’m gonna go now before my boob sweat seeps into my Spanx.”) before giving up?

So before crying about how fat women always lose to the thin ones, think about this:  if Kimmie had pulled herself up by her big girl Spanx and acknowledged her attraction for Richard, instead of hiding behind put-downs and lies, Richard would probably be taking his pillow to Kimmie’s place.  Men LOVE confident women.

So I hang on because Rebel Wilson really is funny. I hope that Kimmie becomes funny as well and not just funny because she’s fat. I hope her self-esteem and confidence evolve so she doesn’t have to resort to consolation pizzas and turkey legs.  I’m also hoping she buys clothing that are more befitting of a corporate lawyer.  Didn’t that promotion come with a raise?

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