Adventures in Wear Testing – Easy, Breezy, Cool

2015-07-02 09.53.28_resizedWe’re coming up on the 4th of July holiday and I’m grateful that the temperatures in the NYC area have been, for the most part, seasonable. I love the summer but NOT when it’s icky, sticky hot. Yuck!

I have hot weather tricks like switching from my usual cream facial moisturizer to gel. My fave is Garnier’s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream for Dry Skin. For an extra cool feeling, store it in the fridge. And when my face is shiny and I’m out of blotting paper, I’m not above using a CLEAN, UNUSED toilet seat cover. (Excuse me for putting those words in CAPS but I don’t want to be accused of suggesting otherwise… you just never know with some people.) Rolling paper works just as well in case you have some around from rolling your own, um, cigarettes.

This fat gal also keeps dry by using antiperspirant on more places than just under my arms. Apply it wherever you perspire… under your breasts or belly or in between your rolls. To avoid chub rub under dresses, my go-to are the Comfy Cotton Bike Shorts from Re/Dress Online but some friends swear by Bandelettes or anti-chafe products like Body Glide or (God, I love this name) Anti Monkey Butt.


Speaking of comfy cotton, I love comfy cotton dresses like this Petite Dress with button front, empire waist by Only Necessities® from fullbeauty.com that I was given to try. I thought I’d feel warm as it’s sunny and almost 80 degrees with the humidity currently at 52%. However, the dress is as cool and breezy as it looks and lovely to wear at work and for dinner later tonight.

I hope you’re all keeping nice and cool where ever you are. Bye for now!

(Disclosure:  Although I keep the items I’m given to wear test, be assured that my opinions on them are honest.)

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