Love at First Sight

I enjoy browsing through catalogs and websites but nothing beats walking into a store and seeing racks and displays of outfits to try on. Sadly, we big ladies are having to settle with less brick and mortar shops. In the last few years, retailers like Fashion Bug and Dots have gone out of business and others like Avenue and Lane Bryant have reduced the number of locations.

That makes it hard to fall in love. Looking at a photo online isn’t the same as spotting a dress, touching the fabric, trying it on, seeing how wonderfully it fits, imagining all the fun you’ll have together then taking it to the register and making a commitment to love and care for it through machine wash or dry clean.

My friend, Suranis, and I made that commitment to the Button Hi Lo Dress from Avenue‘s VIP Knits Collection. 20150801_145309-21_resized

Just like with someone you’ve met online, it’s not advisable to fall in love with an article of clothing unless you know whether it’ll be a good fit. Size does matter. As it turned out, Suranis and I found that instead of our respective 22/24 and 26/28 we needed to size down for better curve-hugging fits.

I’ll show off my other purchases on future blogs but Suranis couldn’t wait to take her new love out on a date with her hubby and a cute, white shrug. They make a great match, don’t they?  20150801_2112301_resized

(Disclosure: I purchased the clothes and am not being compensated for this post.)

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