The year of this bad fatty

PRThe end of 2015 is a few hours away. It was a pretty good year. True, I lost loved ones and miss them terribly. However, there’s also a roof over our heads, food on the table and the bills have (mostly) been paid. I met some of the ladies who inspire me as well as other fierce and fabulous people. I traveled and caught up with family I hadn’t seen in years. I expanded as a blogger and started dipping my toe in the world of fat fashion.

And I’ve continued being the bad fatty. No weight loss goals or weight loss that I can determine. I continue dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure but am eating less processed foods and paying more attention to my body’s cues. That’s how, after a bout with acute bronchitis and asthma earlier this year, I stopped smoking. Not sure when I had my last cigarette (it was soemtime in April) but I feel better and haven’t had any respiratory problems since.

But enough about me. How are YOU? I hope 2015 was wonderful and brought lots of memories for you to cherish. I hope you realize what an amazing person you are and that your body is fine just the way it is. I hope you know that there’s no need to slim, sculpt or change yourself one iota to be worthy of love, respect and all good things.

And if you don’t know it yet, then I hope than 2016 becomes the year you look in the mirror and love the image in it.


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