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Plus Size Paradise at The Resort

Hello Beauties! It’s been a while since I’ve written on here and for that I apologize. A health update is coming in the next few days, I promise.

In the meantime…

Have you seen the People Magazine article on The Resort?  If you haven’t heard about it yet, The Resort in the Bahamas was built exclusively for plus size folks to enjoy without fear of shame or stigma. 

Last month, I’d seen a trailer for a documentary on the property being produced in the UK and corresponded with owner, Jim King, to ask whether it would be made available to US audiences (not yet but they’re working on it). This morning, I wrote to congratulate him on last week’s ITV premiere and all the positive press. King was kind enough to offer to answer any questions I had over the phone which I happily took him up on.

As a fat person… even the confident, love-the-skin-I’m-in woman that I am… it is difficult to completely relax on vacation. It’s one thing to blissfully ignore the stares and snide remarks while poolside in a 2-piece swimsuit or waiting my turn on the buffet line. It’s something else when bar stools and chairs are wobbly or have arms that dig into my thighs. How can I be comfortable when in pain or concerned about winding up on the floor or being injured because the furniture doesn’t accommodate my weight? How can I enjoy the pool when the only way in/out is via a rickety ladder or steep steps? How can my man and I engage in steamy, away-from-home sex when every creak or pop of the bed may mean the frame will break under us?

That’s why I’m so happy there’s a place like The Resort where attention has been paid to every detail to ensure the complete comfort of its plus sized guests. While working at a resort in Grenada, King witnessed a young woman’s humiliation when a lounge chair she sat on broke. Not only did she endure the taunts of other resort guests but, adding insult to injury, was also charged for “destruction of hotel property”. After his requests for management to provide sturdier furniture fell on deaf ears, he took matters into his own hands. 

However, The Resort isn’t just about the furniture which was custom built for bigger bodies. It’s about providing a safe, body positive environment. With camaraderie, affirmation and encouragement, some women become empowered to wear the swimsuit or dress they wouldn’t dare to before and some men feel comfortable enough to remove their shirts without judgement about their size/shape.

The only downside to The Resort is that it’s not accessible for those who use walkers, wheelchairs or scooters. Another possible downside for some is that it’s completely for rest and relaxation. There’s no on-site entertainment or activities but arrangements can be made for fishing excursions or a local Friday night fish fry. As King put it, “Not being rude but I tell people that want a lot of activities …. try a cruise… LOL”. Cell phones at meal times are forbidden so guests actually talk to each other. One hard and fast rule… be respectful or be gone. 

The Resort is only for groups between 2 and 24 people who then have exclusive use of the entire property at a flat rate $16,400, including all meals, for a 6 day stay. To date, reservations are booked through mid 2018. King is currently working on opening an additional resort for couples and individuals. I’m hoping it opens soon… I need a completely stress-free, relaxing, tropical vacation without worrying about my ass falling through a lounge chair. 

For more information or to book a stay for your group, contact Jim King:

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Edited on 10/30: The ITV documentary is now available on YouTube (click here). While it doesn’t change my mind about The Resort being a plus size friendly destination for rest and relaxation, I found parts of it problematic. Like the title (US equivalent: “The 250 – 420 Pound Vacation”… UGH!) and how often the word “obese” as well as the guests’ weights are mentioned. Would the numbers on a scale be included if the show were about slender people? Of course not. Also there’s some discussion that conflates intentional weight loss with improved health.

In addition, the documentary gives the impression that the body positive coach and activities director are part of regular resort staff when their services cost extra ($1,000 each plus expenses, according to King). Speaking of activities… who thought swimming with pigs was a good idea? That was nothing short of a gift-wrapped present for the trolls.

During our conversation, King mentioned interest in a similar reality series for American TV. I can only hope they retain the body positivity and confidence building aspect without all the weight (and weight loss) talk… and no swimming pigs, please. Keeping my fingers crossed.

DISCLAIMER: I am not being compensated by any means for this post. My opinions are honest and unsolicited.

2 thoughts on “Plus Size Paradise at The Resort

  1. I like the basic idea, but $16,400 is kind of spendy, plus, if I have to rent the entire place out, I could rent out anywhere (e.g., a small cottage) for a fraction of the price and it’ll be as size-friendly as I and the people I invite along want it to be. Plus, I could look for accessible cottages, and I wouldn’t need to get 24 people together to make it worthwhile. Given the lack of other enticements (no entertainment, no activities, no other guests, etc.), this seems like it’s not offering much bang for the buck.


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