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When You Gain Weight

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There are countless articles and blogs on weight loss (whether intentionally or unintentionally) but few positive discussions about when the numbers on a scale creep up and it’s not due to being due to have a baby….  and by positive discussion I don’t mean suggesting diets or other ways to lose weight.

Weight gain happens. It happened to me because of hypothyrodism that resulted from removing my thyroid due to cancer. I noticed it when my tops became tighter over my visibly bigger belly.

If this had happened years ago, I’d feel like an utter failure and sink deeper into self-loathing. I’d latch onto any means, however preposterous, to shrink my size. I’d hope that my endocrinologist inadvertantly prescribes more levothyroxine than my body needs and cause hyperthyrodism because one of the symptoms is weight loss. Who cares if other symptoms are heart palpitations, irritability, increased sweating and mental disturbance? My clothes would fit again.

2018-04-02Now? I know that weight can increase for a variety of reasons and none of them makes me a terrible person. If regulating the levothyroxine to relieve my hypothyrodism causes me to lose weight, that’s OK. If  it doesn’t, that’s OK too. Buying clothes in a bigger size to fit comfortably is not a moral failure nor should it make me hate my body.

If your body grows out of your clothes, please don’t think that you’ve let yourself go. Don’t let the size tag determine your self-esteem or worth. Know that your body is meant to change and is amazing at every stage of your life.

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