The Right to Bare My Arms


It’s a few days from the official start of summer but the temperatures are already in the low to mid 90’s with humidity to boot.  Boys and girls, it’s HOT and that’s not going to change anytime soon.  Between the heat beating down from the sun, the heat coming up from the subways and the hot, hot, hot traffic exhaust, I don’t want to feel icky. Which means wearing nice, light, comfortable clothes that are going to expose my fat (currently pale) arms… tank tops, sundresses and sleeveless shirts.

Do a Google search on “bare arms” and you’ll first find that some people aren’t very familiar with the second US Constitutional amendment.  Next you’ll see articles on how to tone, shape or get rid of “unsightly, jiggly arm fat“, apparently to earn the right to bare one’s arms during summer months.  If body parts aren’t slender and taut they should be hidden even if it’s sweltering outside.

Well, guess what?  I’m claiming my right, right now!  Yes, my arms are big and jiggly but I refuse to cover them.  I’ll also wear short skirts, crop pants, skorts and shorts and show off my fat, shapely legs.  It’s my body and I’m going to be comfortable, dammit!  If someone finds my exposed fat unsightly, that’s their problem not mine.  I have the right to bare arms (and legs and tummy!).

Here I am with my big, beautiful arms!  Claim your right to bare arms too!

2014-06-18 12.53.32

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