One thing leads to… my first fat fashion blog

ootd Last month I posted about attending the launch party for the fullbeauty (formerly OneStopPlus) website and magazine. One of the executives I met had asked whether I wear their clothing, to which I replied by pointing out that my dress and leggings were from their brands and, although the shoes weren’t, most of my shoes are from their Comfortview line. She then asked if I would be interested in wear testing their shoes and other items. Who would say no?

That’s how I found myself, last Thursday, being measured for my shoe and bra sizes (and finding out that I was wearing the wrong sizes in both) then handed a pair of Ashley Mary Jane Sneakers in an 8WW. 2015-05-11 13.44.43_resized

Here I was thinking that a 9WW was the perfect size for me (even if I had to insert insoles and heel liners into my shoes) but the feeling of having my foot cradled perfectly… sooooooo nice. And how do they feel? Cool and comfortable. I’ve worn them a couple of times and, at the end of the day, feel like I can keep on walking instead of “GRRRRR… can’t wait until I get home to take them off”.

Today, for work, I figured the sneakers would go great with a breezy tunic and capri length leggings. Can’t wait until Thursday to see what other goodies I get to wear test. The next posts will include better photos (I hope!).

Outfit – all available at fullbeauty.com:
Top: Hankie Hem Tunic by Taillissime
Leggings: Capri Length in Stretch Knit by Woman Within
Shoes: Ashley Mary Jane Sneaker by Comfortview® Sport

(Disclosure: Although I get to keep the items I wear test, please be assured that my opinions on them are honest.)

2 thoughts on “One thing leads to… my first fat fashion blog

    1. In my next blog I link to a site which explains how you can measure yourself at home. I checked it and also came up with 8WW so it’s pretty accurate.


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