Cellulite, Bellies and Boobs… Oh Yes!!!

Some plus size clothing designers and merchants haven’t caught on yet. We fat ladies want to see clothes modeled on bodies like ours. I want to see how a dress will look on my short apple frame or whether a swim suit has enough to cover my saggy big boobs and belly. When Lane Bryant came out with the #ImNoAngel campaign for their Cacique line, with size 14 – 16 models, lots of women including me bemoaned the lack of size diversity not to mention ample butts, boobs and stomachs.

11380924_1617485181797748_754966396_nWhich is why I was thrilled to see Skorch Magazine’s All Sizes Swimwear feature with women of various sizes modeling suits from Torrid. Keena and Brittney… OMG! They’re my size, their bodies look like mine and they are absolutely stunning. (P.S… scroll through the entire magazine for more size diversity goodness including a peek at Skorch CEO Jessica Kane’s clothing line Cool Gal Blue)

Then there’s swimsuitsforall‘s (a fullbeauty.com brand) awesome BEACH BODY. Not Sorry. campaign featuring the lovely Denise Bidot and her unretouched butt and thighs. 10986652_10152865021557441_5008059979689680976_n

How wonderful it is to see clothing on women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes with the stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, droop, sag and other “imperfections” that makes us unique and gorgeous. Lane Bryant, are you listening?

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