Don’t Blame Elle

ghostbusters-elle-covers__oPtA recent article on Mic.com pointed out that on the covers of Elle Magazine’s “Women in Comedy” issue, Melissa McCarthy’s photo was cropped while the other stars of the upcoming movie, Ghostbusters, were more or less shown in full-body shots. The article also brought up Melissa’s other magazine cover shots where she’s either in over-sized clothing, covered by a prop or shown from the waist up.

However, the one that usually covers up Melissa McCarthy’s body is Melissa McCarthy. As I pointed out in a previous blog post, she’s often seen in voluminous dresses or outfits. Even her Seven 7 collection features boxy tops that hide curvy bodies.melissa-mccarthy-02-600x450

I may be wrong but Melissa apparently has no problem with her body getting cropped or otherwise altered. When she was ridiculously photo shopped in a poster for her movie, The Heat, she joked that her husband was responsible and didn’t make her body as small as she wanted… “Ben did it and we had a big fight about it because I said I wanted it 80 percent smaller and he said he wanted it 70 percent.”

I agree that most magazines do a terrible job of showing plus-size bodies in positive light. Rebel Wilson and Adele are shown mostly from the waist up. Gabourey Sidibe was not only cropped but her skin was also lightened. However, I’m reluctant to blame Elle for how they present Melissa McCarthy because it’s how she pretty much presents herself.

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