Taking Care of Me

img_20170101_133139Hello beauties. Here it is, the first day of 2017 and I’m starting it with some self love. Between work, the holidays and family matters the last few weeks had been hectic. I started to feel run down but errands have to be run and things have to get done, right? So it was no surprise when I woke up with a scratchy throat, low grade fever and achy body.

As women, we’re taught that slowing down or taking time off when sick is a sign of weakness. We use medications to stifle our symptoms and go on with work and duties when we should be getting the rest our bodies need. Look at all the fuss made over Hillary Clinton when she developed pnuemonia while on the campaign trail. People actually questioned whether she was healthy enough to be president.

Today I’m making it a point to take care of ME. I’m in my night shirt, watching Twilight Zone on Netflix while sipping on Masala Spice Chai Tea (soothing and yummy!). Later, Ken and I will order hot-and-sour soup from the local Chinese restaurant (it does wonders for a stuffy nose!) and have a Godfather movie marathon.

Don’t forget to slow down and spend time on YOU this year. Do what brings you joy, gives your body rest and recharges you without feeling an ounce of guilt. Self care is the best and most important act of self love.

Happy 2017!!!!

One thought on “Taking Care of Me

  1. You go girl! We have to take time to take care of ourselves and absolutely I’ve noticed it too in myself and in others that when we take time off work we see or feel like it’s a sign of weakness. Actually it’s a sign that we want to take care of ourselves.
    great one, thank you!


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