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Earlier this week I posted on my personal Facebook page about my latest blood test results… still improving since they were mentioned in an earlier blog post. Almost immediately there were messages asking what I did. It reminds me of those who brag about weight loss or post before/after photos. Invariably someone wants to know their “secret” and they happily comply. There are even magazine articles and news stories dedicated to “how they did it”.

I hesitate to advise anyone to make the same choices even if  we have the same ailments. There are folks who proclaim “If I can do it, so can you!” but, as this bad fatty wrote before, please slap me should I ever utter words even 097-ymmv-your-mileage-may-varyclosely resembling those. The only way I hope to inspire others is in how to accept and love their bodies exactly as they are.

Our bodies are different. Your mileage may vary. The choices I make for my health may do nothing for yours or may even make it worse. Case in point: several years ago, my primary care doctor (Dr Bernie) encouraged me to become a vegetarian. Actually he wanted me to go vegan but I wouldn’t give up eggs and dairy. Dr Bernie claimed that my results would be the same as other patients who reduced or even eliminated their need for diabetes and other medication. When my glucose, cholesterol and liver enzyme levels became elevated instead of going down, he insisted it was because of the few animal products I was consuming. Then again he also blamed animal products for an ingrown hair that became infected which is when I started doubting the wisdom of his food recommendations.

As a body positive woman, I know that intentional weight loss isn’t the key to improving health and that one can be healthy at any size. Besides, my body is gorgeous just like it is. Which is why these are the only before/after results that I’ll brag about:

Please keep in mind that good health or its pursuit is not a requirement to love yourself and your body. However, if you do want to make changes, realize that one size does not fit all and don’t go by someone else’s results. Find what works for you just like I found that eating low carb/high fat (LCHF) is what works for me.

As for Dr Bernie… he moved away last year but I recently wrote to him about how eating pretty much the opposite of how he wanted me to is producing the effects I wanted. No surprise, he hasn’t written back.

Until next time, beauties… be good to yourselves because you are amazing!

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