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FFF Week 2017 – A Recap in Pictures

After all the fun I had during last year’s Full Figured Fashion Week, I was determined to enjoy even more this year. I didn’t attend all the events last week but the ones I did can be summed up with 3 letters… H-O-T!!! Sunday – HOT Music, Art and Rooftop The Curvy Music, Film &… Continue reading FFF Week 2017 – A Recap in Pictures


How NOT to Raise Healthy Kids in Puerto Rico

I’m sitting here in disbelief after reading about a bill, proposed by Senator Gilberto Rodriguez of the enchanted island of Puerto Rico, where parents will face combined fines of up to $1,300 if their children are fat. The bill calls for education officials to identify obese children and educate parents about its detriment on growth… Continue reading How NOT to Raise Healthy Kids in Puerto Rico


Avoid diabetes and live forever!

Welcome to my “official” fatty blog although I’ve sounded off on fat related issues in “Rising from the Ashes”. Hopefully there will be more raves than rants in future posts but this, boys and girls, is most definitely a rant. Yesterday Metro New York ran a story about how diabetes-related deaths have hit an “all-time… Continue reading Avoid diabetes and live forever!