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Jamie Lopez – Being the Change

You’ve probably seen a version of this story in the news: a fat person is publicly shamed, becomes “motivated” to lose weight then shares his/her “secret”. Or, like Shauna Arocho, are fat shamed but vigorously defended because they’re in the process of losing weight.

While I respect people’s choices to do with their bodies as they want, I wish that, instead of celebrating weight loss, more people challenged and changed a society that stigmatizes bodies simply because of their size.

8140591_web1_plus-size-salon_031517eb_022Enter Jamie Lopez. After an embarrassing situation at a salon when a chair broke under her weight, she decided that it wouldn’t happen to her or anyone else again. Instead of changing her body to accommodate society she changed a little bit of society to accommodate fat people and opened her own salon in 2012. With wider chairs and benches that hold up to 800 pounds, Babydoll Beauty Couture ensures a pampering experience with no shame or discrimination. Jamie recently moved the salon from the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas to cater to attendees of the various Plush Nightclub events and BBW bashes.

When some salons charge fat people more for their services, it’s refreshing to see others like Jamie who are model examples of “if you want to see change, BE the change”. Kudos!!

2 thoughts on “Jamie Lopez – Being the Change

  1. What a beautiful woman inside and out. I read somewhere that when she first opened her shop it was the target of vandalism and she actually recieved some pretty intense death threats….WTF? Why would anyone do such a thing? You have to be really low down on the human evolutionary chain to do shit like that. People are just plain sick. Also I think this idea for a salon catering to plus sized women is a great idea. With 2/3s of the American people overweight it’s an idea whose time has been long overdue. I wish my wife had access to such a place. It would make her a lot more comfortable knowing that she can go and have her hair and nails done and not have to worry about being stared at or having the furniture collapse under her. 👍👍for this and I wish Jamie Lopez lots of future success.


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