Body Positivity

Jamie Lopez – Being the Change

You’ve probably seen a version of this story in the news: a fat person is publicly shamed, becomes “motivated” to lose weight then shares his/her “secret”. Or, like Shauna Arocho, are fat shamed but vigorously defended because they’re in the process of losing weight. While I respect people’s choices to do with their bodies as they… Continue reading Jamie Lopez – Being the Change


Why Isn’t Gabourey Sidibe the Face of Body Positivity?

Recently Madame Noire Magazine asked the question WHY IS MELISSA MCCARTHY THE FACE OF BODY POSITIVITY AND NOT GABOUREY SIDIBE? It’s a fair question and I’m going to hazard my own guess. Melissa’s good fatty to Gabourey’s unapologetic fatty makes for better Hollywood stories. Society and the media love fat people as long as they’re… Continue reading Why Isn’t Gabourey Sidibe the Face of Body Positivity?


New Year, New You? Heck No!

I’ll make this short and sweet. It’s that time of the year again. After the merriment of the holidays, we’re bombarded with ads telling us that we need to change our bodies to become sexier, attractive and desirable. In other words, our current physiques aren’t acceptable… we need to reduce and mold them beginning on… Continue reading New Year, New You? Heck No!