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Looking ahead to 2018

But first a look at 2017:

OK so my posing still needs improvement but I…
… had lots of wonderful times with Ken, family and friends
… made some new friends
… went out of my comfort zone to wear white pants and more skirts
… took part in Smart Glamour’s #AllMeansAll: Size photo campaign
… spent most of the summer in sleeveless outfits
… discovered more fabulous plus size lines and designers like Effie’s Heart and Plenty by Tracy Reese thanks, in part, to clothing rental service Gwynnie Bee
… wore lots of gorgeous dresses in bold prints and colors
… met amazing, inspirational people (among them writer Lindy West, body positive blogger Corissa Enneking, stylist Meaghan O’Connor, actor/creative director of The Winson Box Daniel Franzese and actress Chrissy Metz
… participated in a flash mob runway show on Fifth Avenue for Smart Glamour
… underwent surgery to remove my thyroid due to cancer and am waiting on test results for my endocrinologist to determine whether radiation treatment will be necessary

It was a year with way more highs than lows for which I’m so grateful.

I’m also grateful for the opportunity to share my journey of body positivity and acceptance with you. Being happy in a fat body isn’t always easy when the diet/weight loss industry makes tens of billions of dollars annually by convincing people that the ideal, beautiful body is a slender one or clothing isn’t always accessible for bodies like mine that are larger than a size 24

Going into 2018 I hope to continue sharing my journey and inspire you to…
… accept and love yourself as you are
… know you are worthy of love, acceptance and respect from others

… reject the message that the size/shape of your body has to change to be your best self
… treat yourself gently with lots of loving self-care
… change how you look at not just your body but all bodies
… explore outside of your comfort zone

I hope 2018 brings you much joy, love, prosperity and laughter. 

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