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Me and My Big, Fat Mouth

We’re almost 2 weeks into the New Year… how’s it going for you so far? With the snow, bitter-cold temperatures and still feeling lethargic, I’ve spent the weekends curled up on the couch with Ken, binging our favorite movies and TV shows.

Health-wise, things are promising. The full body scan I underwent a few weeks ago showed some thyroid tissue remaining but no cancer anywhere else (YAY!!!!) My endocrinologist will slowly increase the dosage of the levothyroxine medication that replaces the hormones which regulate my body’s energy and metabolism. The process can take up to a year and I’m very much looking forward to feeling like old self again. For now, radioactive iodine treatment has been put on hold. I’m not exactly thrilled about that. If there’s even the slightest chance whatever thyroid tissue left may have some cancer cells I’d just rather get it burned out. However she feels that the high level of radiation may cause more problems that it would solve so I’ll be monitored over the next few years with regular scans and blood tests.

In the meantime if I feel worse rather than better I’ll be sure to immediately let the doctor know. I strongly believe in advocating for myself and what I believe in. After all, people aren’t psychic. If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

I don’t only open my mouth about health issues but do pick my battles. I had been writing the town’s department of public works about restoring a nearby bus stop. Over 10 years ago the bus stop sign was removed during sidewalk construction. It wasn’t replaced but drivers on the route continued to pick up/drop off passengers there. As drivers retired or were reassigned and new drivers came onto the route they ignored the stop and even argued with passengers, including me, who tried to let them know that there was a stop on that corner even if there was no sign.

I called NJ Transit about replacing the sign but, as far as they were concerned, the stop no longer existed and it was up to the town to designate it. Thus began my patient and polite email correspondence which recently resulted in the following notice on the NJ Transit website:

bus stop

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to campaign for the stop but consider it a personal victory.

I’m also happy about 2 recent bits of news from Gwynnie Bee and Eloquii… they’re expanding their sizes in 2018 to 30/32!!! I don’t consider myself to be an influencer (yet!) but, from my little corner of the internet, I’ve advocated a long time for plus size designers and retailers to offer sizes past 24.

Sweater by Woman Within for


How will they know what we want unless we tell them? Do you want to see more options for tall or petite sizes? Wider sleeves, longer tops? Ask! The worst that can happen is that they’ll say no.

So whether they choose to pay attention or not, me and my big, fat mouth will continue to ask plus size designers/retailers for fashion in sizes in sizes well past 24 and hopefully more will follow Gwynnie Bee’s and Eloquii’s lead.




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