Then I open the goody bag

fullbeauty is

A couple of months ago, OneStopPlus (now fullbeauty) chose my entry to compete in their “fullbeauty is…” contest. Thanks to my wonderful family and friends who voted for me, I wound up with the second-place prize of a $250 gift certificate and an invitation to last night’s launch party for the fullbeauty website and magazine.

The event was held in Guastavino’s, a gorgeous venue located on East 59th Street. We were treated to a mini makeover and applications of metallic tattoos… I chose one that featured the word “confidence”. I had a marvelous time, chatting with bloggers from sites like SusanMoses.com and HauteDiary.com as well as the editor-in-chief of Plus Model Magazine, Madeline Jones. As the contest winner (or at least the one who actually lives in the NYC area), I was introduced to various executives from fullbeauty and took the opportunity to talk about how great it would be if their site used bigger models so customers could have a better idea of how the clothes will fit. They all said it’s something they’re working on which was encouraging. I also spoke with one of the vice presidents of KingSize Direct who assured me that the big guys will not be ignored even if fullbeauty sounds female-centric.

There was a fashion show, featuring IGIGI, City Chic, Woman Within, Roaman’s, Jessica London, Swimsuitsforall and Torrid (whose striped maxi dress I fell in love with). And (yes!) there were bigger models than the sizes 12 and 14 who usually strut plus size shows. Hey, maybe with the new website and magazine, they’re finally getting it!

After the fashion show Meghan Trainor came out and first sang a lovely, truly positive song called “Close Your Eyes”

So I want you to close your eyes
Sing to the world tonight
And show them what’s beautiful
I don’t care what they think
No, I’m not listening
‘Cause I know I’m beautiful
So close your eyes

Then, of course, she went into “All About That Bass”. I wondered if she’d include the “skinny bitches” line given that there were many slender women in attendance as well as a few young girls. Sure enough she did and I glanced over at one lady who made a face. Who says the song is body positive? Still not me.

It was a fun, entertaining, informative evening and I went down to retrieve my coat and goody bag feeling all sorts of fat body love.

Then I open the goody bag at home to find an adorable beach cover-up… in a size 10/12. Huh?! I thought the evening was about PLUS sizes. Ah well… the food and drinks were delicious, I felt that my thoughts on the inclusion of fat bodies (with big tummies, butts etc) in plus size clothing sites mattered (or I hope they did). Also I snagged a selfie with Meghan and posed with my sister-in-red Madeline Jones. And the infinity scarf in the bag fits.


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